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We manufacture and supply traditional quality beds sets and mattresses specifically designed and engineered to the standards required for the hospitality industry. All our mattresses are “Turn” mattresses and have rotation numbering on the borders for easy management of the rotation cycles.

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Viking Technology

Spring Units

Our range of Halo i6™ Turn Bonnel and Halo Vortex™ Coil Pocket spring units are specifically engineered to the highest quality standards, for structural integrity. All our Halo™ spring units are tempered to add structural strength and integrity to the product, spring units manufactured to last. Our Halo i6™ and Halo Vortex™ spring units are stapled using Hush Staples™, which are Nylon encased steel staples to help reduce wear and tear on the movable parts and prevent squeaking.

Viking Foams

Our range of Pure Foams™ are specifically manufactured to the latest European certified standards. Our range of foams ensures all comfort levels are catered for, from Pure Plush™ to Pure Firm™. Our foams have 0% calcium added, thus increasing the tensile strength of all our foam products, foam products manufactured to last.

Viking Fabrics

We use the best quality Jacquard Woven and Warp Knitted fabrics in the manufacture of our mattresses. These fabric manufacturing processes provide for stronger, more resilient fabrics, the fabrics are more dense and run resistant and are warm to the feel. This adds strength yet comfort to the finished product, which we believe is essential in the manufacture of mattresses and bed sets.

Viking Machinery

We have invested in and own the latest high tech manufacturing equipment, from automated quilting and embroidery machines, to the latest high tech mattress manufacturing machinery available.


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