Viking Lumbar Firm Bed Set

The Lumbar Firm is a premier quality foam mattress brought to you by Viking Beds. This bed set is ideal for people who suffer with back problems and require a firm mattress.

Mattress Comfort & Weight Category: This foam mattress is a Pure™ Firm comfort level and has a weight category of 130 kg per person.

Suitability: Manufactured by Viking Beds to the exacting standards, this mattress is perfect for side, back or stomach sleepers and is ideal for people who prefer a firm mattress. This mattress is also ideal for people who suffer with back pain or discomfort. Ideal for your own bedroom, children and/or the guest bedroom for your adult friends/family.

Mattress Composition: This foam mattress contains our unique high quality foam structure, which is made up of a main core of high quality rebond Foam and 2 layers of high quality Pure™ Foam on each side. The layers of Pure™ foam provides the comfort & support required for a peaceful night’s sleep. The mattress is completed with a Dacron filler encased in layers of high quality Quilted Jacquard Warp Knit Fabric.

This mattress is a Turn and Rotate mattress, which means what’s on the top of the mattress is also on the bottom, thus providing excellent value for money and you get what you are paying for, a Full Mattress.

Please Note: Turning and rotating your mattress quarterly
increases its lifespan.

Viking beds are engineered and manufactured to last


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Additional Information

Max Weight


Mattress Type


Comfort Level

Pure™ Firm


Single, Three Quarter, Double, Queen, King


Standard 1880mm, Extra length 2000mm


High Density Re-Bonded Core

Foam Layers

Pure™ Foam, Rebonded Foam


270g Quilted Jacquard Warp Knit

Viking Lumbar Firm Bed Set

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Viking Lumbar Firm Bed Set

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Viking Lumbar Firm Bed Set

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Viking Lumbar Firm Bed Set
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Viking Lumbar Firm Bed Set

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