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In order to ensure the longevity of your new Viking Mattress we
recommend rotating and turning your Mattress. Below is an illustrative
rotating and turning sequence guide for you to follow.

Rotation Cycle

Rotate mattress counter clockwise ½ turn.

Realign mattress with the base for the bed.

Rotation Cycle 1

Rotate mattress to overhang the base.

Raise mattress on edge.

Rotation Cycle 2

Lower mattress gently on the base of the bed.

Rotate and realign mattress with the base.

Rotation Cycle 3

Rotate mattress again ½ turn counter clockwise.

Realign mattress with the base. Repeat from cycle 1.

Rotation Cycle 4



CALCULATE YOUR CHARGE FOR REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT: Divide the purchase price by the number of years (calculated in months) of the Service Warranty, then multiply by the number of years (calculated in months) since the original purchase date, as per the original invoice.

1 Year Guarantee & 10 Year Limited Warranty
2 Year Guarantee & 15 Year Limited Warranty


Your Viking mattress contains the finest fillings (foams and fibres). You could notice body contour impressions up to 4 cm. This is a perfectly normal occurrence and not a structural defect. It is an indication of the fillings settling and adjusting to your body’s contour and weight.

Rotating and turning your mattress as per Vikings “proper care requirements” will smooth out the impressions. See illustration picture below for difference between body impression and “sagging”.

Body Impression

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